When arriving to Belize via the Phillip Goldson International Airport (PGIA) all passengers must have the proper documents in order to enter or exit the country. International arrivals to Belize require the following immigration materials to be presented to the Belize Immigration Officials: 

  • Valid Passport. Please note that your passport must not expire less than three months after your planned travel. 
  • Completed Embarkation Form. This will be distributed on your flight. Attached to this is a Disembarkation Form, which you should save in your passport for use when you depart the country. 
  • All non-residents of Belize must have a return ticket to their country of origin 
  • A valid visa for all countries from which a visa is required. This must be acquired from your country of origin at the Belize Embassy or Consulate. For nationals of USA, Canada, the UK, Central American and Caribbean countries, or the European Union; an automatic 30-day visa is applied. 
  • Visitors need to satisfy the Immigration Officer of a specific address or reservation at a hotel 

  When arriving to the PGIA, you will disembark your aircraft and walk along the tarmac into Immigration and Customs. There is a line for non-residents and one for Belizeans, members of CARICOM and those in wheelchairs. At Immigration, you will need to show the above documents and answer basic questions about your visit to Belize. You then proceed to luggage claim and collect any checked bags that you are traveling with.  


All those entering into Belize must proceed through customs and provide the proper documentation to the customs officers, whose job it to inspect the luggage and collect the necessary tax or import duty. There are two categories of passengers- those that have items to declare (in which case a proper invoice for the items is required) and those that have nothing to declare or duty-free items.  

There are restrictions on the quantity of cash, liquor and cigarettes that may be brought into Belize per person. Of particular note is the restriction of bringing drones into Belize, these must have a special permit from the Civil Aviation Department or are otherwise not allowed to be brought into the country. For more information on the airlines that serve Belize, click below.  

When departing Belize, there is an exit fee for all visitors. When traveling via the International Airport, this airport departure tax may be included in your airfare, so it is worth checking to see whether it has already been paid along with your airfare. If not, it is payable in cash at the International Airport. The total exit fee is US $55.50. There is also a $0.75 security fee for domestic security screening. When departing Belize through the Guatemala or Mexico border, the border fee to be paid on departure is US $20.00.


Children under 18 love Belize! Make sure that they travel with a valid passport and documents above and if travelling with only one parent or guardian, a notarized letter of consent must be provided by the other parent. 

Bringing a pet along? You must check with your hotel ahead of time as most in Belize do not allow pets. All pets entering Belize must be approved with an import permit by the Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) along with a veterinary certificate by a licensed vet in the country of origin. 

For those taking a local hopper flight to the island of Ambergris Caye, continue through Customs and Immigration into the terminal area to check-in for your local flight and proceed through security. For more on how to get to Ambergris Caye, check out IslandTransportation. 

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